"Moses Williamson"
Vital statistics
Title Original Gangsta
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Administrator
Level Win
Status Normal
Location On a football field


The date was September 17th 2007. The entity known as "Smooth" turned on his computer around 3:30 PM. As he had done every other day before, he headed over to the Nintendo Nsider forums; only this time, they had been closed down. In a panic, he contacted his good friend Autumn (Autumn12), and asked what the deal was. They spoke for a time, and she pointed him to a new forum called "Nintendo Pipeline." After kicking, screaming, and stomping his little feet, he joined. He posted a few times per day, but eventually fell away from Nintendo Pipeline. After a two month hiatus, he came back and found that many more members had joined. Over time, he worked his way up in the world known as "NP" and eventually gained the rank of "WY's guard." WingedYoshi (WY) then decided it was a better idea to give him the rank of Adept, instead of a having a completely different rank that was essentially the same. Time marched on, and Smooth eventually became part of the Site Staff, along with __Alex__ and Dark Echo. He was the driving force that led to PsychoDuck becoming an Adept. Then one day, WingedYoshi stepped down as administrator. Hero, the founder of NP, then made Smooth the next administrator. Today, Smooth continues to administer NP, and has implemented many a new rule. Members are not too fond of some of his rules (such as custom avatars being earned at a certain rank), but they love him nonetheless.


Member - Adept - Site Staff - Administrator



  • "That's the jam"
  • "That's the business"
  • "Shut up, foo"


  • Claims that "Moses Williamson" is his real name.
  • His screen name is derived from the hit Michael Jackson song, "Smooth Criminal."
  • His age and appearance are unknown; although, as WingedYoshi states: He is "sex-tacular."
  • Will, in fact, destroy you in a game of football with both hands tied behind his back.
  • Can oftentimes be found at a Sheetz gas station, rejoicing over gas prices and various food items.
  • Has been known to randomly type lyrics of U2 songs to Epona.
  • Other aliases include: "Mofico" "Guido" "Vernon Moss" "Javon Moses" "Ocho Cinco"

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