Adepts are assigned their rank because they have proven that they are helpful, kind, and intelligent.

With their rank, they can have a user title, a pretty star, access to the Adept Discussion board, larger signatures, ability to delete their own posts, ability to lock their own threads, and ability to delete their threads with no posts.

List of Current AdeptsEdit

Name Date of promotion Notes
Digital_Image 2/02/2010 Promoted because Decho was gone, making Golden and Switch lonely.
~Golden 1/03/2010 Promoted so Decho wouldn't be lonely.
Switch-Renn 1/03/2010 Promoted so ~Golden wouldn't be alone with Decho, which would be awful. A real butt kisser with colorful hair.

List of Previous AdeptsEdit

Name Date of promotion to date of promotion/demotion Notes
__Alex__ N/A - 11/24/2008 Promoted to Site Staff then demoted back to Adept then stepped down to member.
Decho 8/12/2009 - 2/02/2010 Promoted to Site Staff, stepped down to member, promoted to Adept, then promoted to Moderator.
Keatos 1/19/2008 - 4/13/2008 Promoted to Moderator then stepped down to member.
MarioThePianoMan 1/19/2008 - 11/??/2008 Promoted to Site Staff, stepped down to member, then promoted to Administrator.
PsychoDuck 8/16/2008 - 1/3/2010 Promoted to Moderator.
Smooth_Criminal 4/18/2008 - 8/16/2008 Promoted to Site Staff and then to Administrator.
WingedYoshi 9/23/2007 - ??? Promoted from adept to Moderator, and then to Administrator, and finally back down to member.

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